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Level Switches

We have established ourselves as a premium supplier and exporter of high-quality Level Switches, which can be used with a variety of water and other level indicators, sensors and controllers. These switches are made from premium quality parts and components and are designed by our professionals in line with the latest technology to ensure accurate and efficient out. We are based in Chennai and some of our popular switches are :
  • Float Level Switches 
  • Mini Level Switches 
  • Side Mounted Level Switches 
  • Top Mount Level Switches
  • Liquid Level Switches 
  • High Level Switches
  • Low-Level Switches 
  • Balloon Type Level Switches 
  • Miniature Level Switches 
  • External Cage Type Level Switches 
  • Multi Level Switches 

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Float Level Switches

Our premium quality Float Level Switches are used along with the float level controllers, predominantly in water tanks to ensure that water doesn’t overflow or set an alarm when the water reaches the full mark. As a reputed manufacturer we ensure that we use only proven quality components and material to ensure durability


Mini Level Switches

The Mini Level Switches we offer are standard float switches, which are available in top mount as well as side mount options. This is a basic model in our wide repertoire of level sensors and regulators. They are used in applications where you have either a minimum or maximum mark, and the liquid in the container needs to be


Side Mounted Level Switches

We are specialized in Side Mounted Level Switches, which are commonly used in water tanks and sumps, to also give out an alarm when the water reaches a dangerously high or low level, based on the application it is used for. It automatically will switch off the supply into or out of the vessel as the case may be. We are a


Top Mount Level Switches

We are a top-notch exporter, supplier, and manufacturer of Top Mount Level Switches, based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. These products that we offer are generally used in deep tanks or vessels and can be effortlessly programmed for a multi-level control operation. We offer these premium quality switches that are known for


Liquid Level Switches

We offer precision engineered and premium quality Liquid Level Switches, with our head office in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India. These products we offer are manufactured using superior quality material to ensure accuracy and durability. We also customize our products based on the application they are used for in terms of material


High Level Switches

We are an eminent supplier and exporter of High Level Switches from Chennai in India. These top mounted switches work on the principle to ensure that water or other liquids do not overflow or exceed the permitted levels. They are programmed to ensure that they can switch off the supply, once that set level is reached. Made from


Low Level Switches

Low Level Switches, also known as side mounted switches or float level switches, help in maintaining minimum levels of any liquid or gas in a vessel or tank. These switches are programmed to set off an alarm when the level reaches the minimum safe level and automatically shut the flow from the tank. We are a preeminent


Balloon Type Level Switches

We are a globally recognized and trusted exporter and supplier of Balloon Type Level Switches, headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. The Balloon technology is one of the most widely used technology in the manufacture of level controlling switches. We offer various variants using this technology for controlling oil,


Miniature Level Switches

The Miniature Level Switches that we offer can be extensively used in water purifiers and other tanks and vessels where multi-level control is needed in different phases. These products are available in side-mounted as well as top-mounted models. These are manufactured with very high production standards of material and


External Cage Type Level Switches

Based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, we are a well-regarded exporter, manufacturer, and supplier of External Cage Type Level Switches. These products we offer are used in applications where the levels of liquid or gas need to be monitored under high pressure or extreme conditions, which may tamper with the performance. This


Multi Level Switches

We offer premium quality Multi Level Switches that can be used in managing optimum levels of water, chemicals, oil or gas in tanks, vessels or cylinders. They are designed to ensure that these vessels neither overflow nor under stocked to ensure they proper and efficient functioning, especially in critical industrial processes.


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